Mixing is a skill unto itself. It's a process that is learned, honed, and crafted over many years. At the start of Mike’s career he had the good fortune of assisting some of the music worlds top mix engineers. Applying what he learned from other engineers, and working on countless mixes in nearly every genre of music he eventually found my sound. Mixing is a creative process. Yes, an engineer needs to know the technical in's and out's of the gear used to craft a mix, but over time those things become second nature. Once considered a technical element now become a sonic paintbrush, a tool that's guided by a creative mindset.

No matter what Mike is mixing and whom he’s mixing for, everyone and every project gets the same level of focus and attention. A project is considered mixed when everyone involved is completely satisfied with the end results, period.

Below are highlights of some of the projects and producers that Mike has worked for, both Mixing and Mastering:

Deee-Lite / Erasure / Sinead O'Connor / Graham Nash / Toby Gad / They Might Be Giants / The Cro Mags / Amanda Ayala / Don DiLego / Beautiful Small Machines / Ben Arthur / J.P. Bowersock / Two In A Room / Hollis Brown / Chubby Checker / Lost Elysium / Chloe Temtchine / Liquid Soul / Bree Sharp / Dead Heavens / Saul Williams / Tom Dobson / Rise Robots Rise

Die Warzau, Slaughter House, Company Flow, Two Without Hats, Mark Anthony, Todd Terry, Tommy Musto, Frankie Bones, Lenny D, Danny Tenaglia,  Rubix Kube, Sly & Robbie, Mars Williams, Doug Wimbish, Richie Scarlet, The Fat Boys, Dougie Fresh, Doc Ice, Dennis Brown, Steel Pulse, The Blow Monkeys, Corina, Book Of Love, Third Eye, Hunters and Collectors, Kate Cebrano, The Reels, Poi Dog Pondering, The Latin Rascals, Leslie Gore, Charley Gracie etc...