Instruments & Skills

  • Pro Tools / Logic Pro X / Soundblade 2

  • Drums and Percussion

  • Electric and Acoustic Bass

  • Acoustic and Electric Guitars

  • Keyboards

  • Drums and Keyboard programming

  • 30 years professionally Recording and Mixing, and Mastering.

  • Staff Songwriter for Sony Music Publishing.

  • Founding Member of the pop/dance group "Le Sonic"

  • Co-owner of Generic Records / The Orchard.

Mike Rogers’ Music Story

When Mike was 16 years old, a chance meeting and friendship with a close cousin of Jimmy Hendrix forever changed the path of his life. One day he was asked "would you like to see Jimmy's studio?" A quick phone call later and he was on the way to Electric Lady Studios.

Although Jimmy had been long gone, you could still feel the mark he made on the studio. As soon as Mike stepped foot in the control rooms, he knew this was where he needed to be.

Since that life changing moment, he’s had the good fortune to have spent many years, starting out as an assistant engineer, to eventually becoming head engineer for many outstanding and award winning record producers. Working in some of the worlds greatest studios. Including getting to work at Electric Lady, mixing many records in the famed "Jimmy's Room."

One of the things Mike learned very early on was that "the lead vocal performance and vocal production" was the key to a great production. Yes the beat, tracks, and music needs to be slamming, but the lead vocal and vocal production is often where a record lives or dies.

With pro software production tools becoming more available to anyone with a computer and a pair of speakers, more than ever it's easier to get close to achieving a close to current sounding track and beat production.

With that said, you cannot accidentally produce a great vocal.

There's no software for that yet. Mike has spent years sharpening his production skills, learning exactly how to craft "that vocal performance." Making sure when a record leaves his studio, the vocal sounds the best that the singer has ever heard themselves on a recording. He takes this mindset into all aspects of a records production.

"Artists and Bands need to feel confident and proud of what they're promoting to their fans or to record labels, and I take that responsibility very seriously. And whether it's working on song arrangements, instrumental parts, and overall sonic vibe and aesthetic, I'm fully engaged and committed to achieving and meeting expectations and goals."

- Mike Rogers

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