Finding a mastering studio and engineer is a critical decision. Having the right engineer with a fresh perspective, skill set, equipment, and attitude when wrapping up the mix and
preparing for mastering can be the difference between having a record that just misses, or leads to a finished production that has the sonic impact necessary to be competitive.

At Le Sonic we encourage you to make mastering a part of the productions mix stage and pre-mastering process, and not just an afterthought where you hand off your mixes and hope for the best. Mastering does not have to be a leap of faith or some mysterious process. 

“My successful career as a recording and mixing engineer, and then eventually becoming a songwriting member of the Sony Music Publishing team has given me a very broad skill set. These experiences have allowed me to not only communicate with my clients in invaluable ways, as a mastering engineer it's given me a broadened skill set when needed in a session.” - Mike Rogers


An important aspect of mastering is quality control. Mastering can only get one so far, which is why we encourage making mastering an integral part of your production to help your mixes translate with maximum impact. Because not all mastering studios and engineers are created equal both in method and equipment, "quasi-processing" your mixes at the mix stage to guess how your mixes will translate once at mastering is not an ideal practice. Your sessions with Le Sonic include mix and pre-mastering consultations, as well as actually mastering your nearly finished mixes. This unique approach and service leaves no mystery as to how your mixes will translate.

Whether you're a major label or independently funded project, our goal is to ensure that you're 100% confident with your masters, and knowing once releasing your music commercially that you're putting your absolute best foot forward.